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Forza Horizon 5: Meticulously Inspired by Mexico

Client: Lalo Alcaraz - Artist

Video game lovers will be pleased to know that Forza Horizon 5 already has a release date: November 9 of this year, and also that the scenarios of this new installment, are based on the beautiful landscapes that Mexico offers. While the previous installment was set in the United Kingdom, this time the creative team decided to take a big leap to the pond and look for completely different scenery, reaching the birthplace of the jaguar, tequila, and other cultural treasures, which will be easily recognizable by Mexican players, taking into account that several symbols of Mexican people will highlight the atmosphere of the new installment of Forza Horizon.

Mike Brown, the creative director, commented in an interview with Cultura Colectiva that the diversity offered by Mexico, both in natural landscapes and in certain rural and urban environments, was a key factor for this fifth edition of the game, which will include scenarios of this beautiful country.

This same diversity faced the developers and users with different programming challenges, as can be seen in routes such as the one in Guanajuato, full of labyrinthine and subway streets, permeated with history and beauty. To achieve these fabulous results, the developers had to work with artists and experts in Mexican culture, such as Lalo Alcaraz, a cultural consultant who previously worked for Pixar on Coco and The Casagrande on Nickelodeon.

Love for Mexico

Mexican art can be appreciated in every corner of the game; from small details that highlight Mexican culture such as papel picado ("paper cuttings"), or the country's vegetation, to the imposing volcanoes and murals that can be found in the scenarios. All this work was done from recognition and respect for Mexican culture, but also thinking about the expectations of the users. This is complemented by the technological innovations implemented, which bet on photorealism in motion, creating a unique experience.

Forza Horizon 5 is presumed to be its best version in history so far, better coupling technological innovations with artistic and cultural vision, in addition to meeting the needs of users and challenging them at all times. This edition is expected to be a benchmark in a new generation of consoles. This video game will be available for Xbox One, Xbox X Series | S, and Windows 10 from November 9.

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