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Deadliest Catch Premieres Tonight

Client: Captain Sig Hansen, Captain Jonathan Hillstrand & Captain Jake Anderson - Talent

The dog and the grandbabies can wait, Jonathan.

In this exclusive sneak peek from tonight's return of Deadliest Catch, Sig Hansen takes a spin around the block with his buddy Jonathan Hillstrand before getting to the heart of the matter: it's time for the commander of the Time Bandit to come back to sea.

With half of the boats tied up in Seattle due to the pandemic, the remaining fleet at Dutch Harbor may not be able to catch their full 5 million-pound quota to help prove the health of the fishery. If that happens, a government managed shutdown could occur to allow time for the crab stocks to replenish.

In other words, Hansen and the boys need all the help they can get. Compounding matters is how the Alaska Department of Fish and Game wasn't able to carry out its annual summer crab survey because of the shutdown. So this year, the captains will be fishing without charts.

"We need you back John, plain and simple," Hansen says. "The fleet needs you back ... if you want to retire, you have to have your quota leased to somebody. You can't do that if there is no fishery."

Watch the clip above. Deadliest Catch premieres at 9 p.m. ET tonight on Discovery.

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