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‘Work in Progress’ Sneak Peek: Abby & Campbell Have a Silly Roommate Moment

Client: Abby McEnany - Executive Producer, Talent, Co-Creator

Abby (Abby McEnany) is back and facing new challenges in the second season of Showtime’s comedy Work in Progress.

In an exclusive sneak peek for the premiere, Abby is adjusting to life in the wake of her breakup and living with new roomie Campbell (Celeste Pechous). While the 46-year-old self-identifying queer Abby is grappling with the fact that she’s accepted she’s too busy to kill herself, living with Campbell seems to be offsetting the darkness.

The clip, above, opens with Campbell entering the main living space after waking up to ask Abby, “why did I dream about ham?” The question takes Abby off guard and she’s overcome with laughter.

“Please, never tell me,” Abby responds to Campbell’s question playfully. Abandoning the random topic of conversation, Campbell seeks out some caffeine. She reaches out to Abby repeating the word coffee over and over again until she’s handed a Starbucks cup.

After Campbell says thank you, Abby can’t help but be shocked at the gesture: “Oh wow! I’m glad I’ve got my journal open, you just said thank you.” The pair laugh over the exchange some more before gearing up for the rest of their days.

Before Abby exits the apartment though, Campbell asks, “Hey, this is still kind of fun, right?” At first Abby pauses, but what will her answer be? Check out the full clip above and don’t miss back-to-back premiere episodes on Sunday, August 22 when Work in Progress returns.

Work in Progress, Season 2 Premiere, Sunday, August 22, 11/10c, Showtime

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