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Variety Names Molly Fenton, Esq. As One of Hollywood’s New Leaders

Client: Molly Fenton, Esq. - Senior Associate

As the industry moves cautiously into a post-pandemic new normal, a fresh generation of leaders is poised to embrace innovation. These individuals — whose careers have been forged in some of Hollywood’s darkest days — are prepared to take on the challenges wrought by the lockdown, including the assertion of streaming, the re-calibration of the theatrical experience, and economic uncertainty.

Molly Fenton

Attorney, Cohen Gardner (33)

In just under four years of practicing entertainment law at Cohen Gardner, Fenton has distinguished herself with a far-ranging set of negotiations that have included A-list talent. She helped create a deal for two stand-up specials for comedian Ronny Chieng with Netflix and worked on helmer Ryan Coogler’s overall pact with Disney as well as filmmaker Bong Joon Ho’s accord with HBO to bring a “Parasite” limited series to the network.

Fight for the back-end: “Streamers have been around for a long time but it’s become clearer than ever that there needs to be meaningful back-end participation for talent,” says Fenton.

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